Install Android Marshmallow AICP Custom ROM On OnePlus One

How To Install Android Marshmallow AICP(6.0.1) custom ROM On OnePlus One

Hello Awesome People On The Planet Earth. So you came here to install AICP custom ROM which is based on android marshmallow AICP 6.0.1.  Alright in this post i will show you how you can Flash the Rom In the simplest way possible 🙂

Advantages of installing custom ROMs:-

1.we can remove  bloatware (Pre-installed apps in your device by the smartphone manufacturer)

2.Custom ROMs come with custom kernels so with custom kernels you will be able to overclock your device to increase the processing power and performance of your device 

3.In terms of customization, you can customize look and feel of your Android device like crazy after installing a custom ROM

4.Your device will be up to date by installing the custom ROM

5.Their will be improvement in your battery life than before

Disadvantages of installing custom ROM:-

1.At first you will loose your warranty of your device

2.There may be a chance of bricking your device

3.You might face some App crashing issues if you didn’t install the GAPPS properly will also lose some native features of your device.

Things to be done before installation Of Custom ROM’S

1.You should make sure that your device is fully charged because your device may get bricked in middle of installation process if it does not have enough juice left in the battery

2.Backup all your important Data


We (TechnoProtocol Team) is not responsible for any kind of damage or issues you face while following this procedure. follow this tutorial  at your own risk

Prerequisite :

 First Of All Keep In your Mind That To Install Any Custom Rom You Need To Have Some Requirements 
1) You Need To Unlock The Bootloader Of Your Device (click here for the instructions to unlock the Bootloader)

2) Next You need to have custom recovery installed like CMW Recovery Or TWRP Recovery

Download Link Of  TWRP  Recovery  (click here for instructions to install  TWRP Recovery  )

steps:  How to Flash android marshmallow AICP custom ROM Step By Step Procedure 

Step1click  link below to download android marshmallow AICP ROM Zip And GAPPS Zip for oneplus one

Download ACIP Marshmallow 6.0 Custom Rom  

Download Marshmallow 6.0 GAPPS

Step 2- connect your device to your PC. Now Copy and Paste  AICP custom ROM  Zip File and GAPPS Zip file which you have downloaded in step 1  in the phone’s memory

android marshmallow AICP

Step 3- disconnect your oneplus one  from your PC and turn off your device

android marshmallow AICP

 step 4- boot your device into Recovery mode by pressing the power button and volume(down) button together until you see the oneplus logo and you will be in TWRP recovery

android marshmallow AICP

Step 5- after geting into TWRP recovery mode backup your  current firmware so that if some thing goes wrong you can restore your current rom or firmware back again

android marshmallow AICP

step 6- Now in the TWRP recovery main menu tap on wipe and just-wipe 

                    ->dalvik cache



android marshmallow AICP

step 7-now again return back to the main menu of TWRP recovery and tap install and select AICP custom ROM zip file that you have copied earlier to your phone’s memory. select it and Swipe To Confirm Flash

Step 8- next search for GAPPS Zip Folder  select it and swipe to confirm flash 

step 9- once it is shown successful just tap on reboot system and you are done now you have android marshmallow AICP custom ROM  which is based on android marshmallow 6.0.1 Running on your OnePlus One. Enjoy…!  :) also feel free to share this article with your friends who are struggling to install CM 13 in their OnePlus One 


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