Top 5 Best Smartphones Of 2017

Top 5 Best Smartphones list

So, guys, as you know the year 2017 is going to end guys and many phones were launched in this year some of them where flagship and some of them are midrange in this article we will pick up the best smartphones of 2017. 

Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8 Plus

The top smartphone on my list is Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8 plus.Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8 plus were the biggest hit in this year that metal frames and symmetrical cut glass from front and the back gives a premium look in your hands and speakers at the bottom, a fingerprint scanner at awkward position, Samsung has definitely done good job hardware compartment not only hardware, software is also good we have 12MP camera at the gap which gives you sharper and better image processing.The pictures you get are really amazing on both the smartphones.we have 4GB of RAM in both the phones which will give you best performance and also in gaming.The  3000mAh battery on Samsung Galaxy s8 gives you about one day and also the 3500mAh  on Samsung Galaxy s8 plus.Lastly, the Price of Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8 plus are 53,900rs and 59,990rs.


Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL

Next up is Google Pixel 2 and Google pixel 2 XL. Both devices were our favourite this year, The aluminium body with front glass and partial glass at the back is really nice.Both the devices have 12MP primary camera which gives you decent pictures also known to be one of the best camera, the Snapdragon 835 octa-core processor with 4GB of RAM on both the devices has good management in gaming, multitasking and performance. The only disappointing thing is no headphone jack on this device also the display is not that good.The battery’s on Google pixel 2 and Google pixel 2 XL are 2700mAh and 3520mAh. The price of pixel 2 is 49,999 and price of pixel 2 XL is 64,999rs. 

Google Pixel 2 best smartphone

iPhone X

Next up is iPhone X. The new phone x has created a buzz in the market this year, the new features like face detection unlock, dual camera, image stabilisation, wireless charging, infinity display and animoji has attracted more for buying them.The 5.8 inch with super AMOLED display looks great in your hands. The 12MP Dual rear camera gets you awesome pictures colour accuracy is nice.The camera on this is not as good as the pixel camera but this is one of the top smartphone cameras.The 3GB of RAM gives you smoother experience. Overall it is very nice but there are some things which Apple could have kept them are fingerprint scanner and home button, I personally think it is overpriced for what it is.The price of iPhone X is 99,999rs which is of space grey varient and the silver varient is 1,02,000rs.

iPhone X best smartphones

OnePlus 5T

Next one is the OnePlus 5T, One plus has become successful in providing budget smartphones Proving great features in smaller price range had attracted a lot of consumers this year and one plus 5T is also among them. The 6 inch bezzeless display looks awesome and 16+20 megapixel dual camera gets some quality pictures both in outdoor lighting and artificial lighting conditions even the portrait mode is very good and 8GB RAM with the Snapdragon 835 processor makes your device faster experience in multitasking, switching the apps also you can do heavy gaming with no lag, again battery is of no issue.The battery on this OnePlus 5T is of 3300mAh, Overall I could say this is the best smartphone to buy with very budget and affordable price range of 38 thousand.

Oneplus 5T

OnePlus 5T

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

And the last one in the list is Samsung galaxy note 8, You guys already know that note series were biggest hits in the market and no doubt Samsung have done a great job in delivering the amazing features except the note 7.It was very disappointing when note 7 discontinued last year but I think now Samsung had made a big comeback this year with note 8.The 6.3-inch big screen is not only the biggest also one of the best displays available in the market, the viewing angles are great, brightness is also nice. The 12MP dual rear camera works really well, we have got the s pen for writing notes and signatures.The Exynos processor works very smooth in multitasking, gaming and overall performance especially gaming is really nice.The battery on this device is of 3300mAh non-removable battery, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price in India starts from Rs. 64,900. 

So these are the top 5 best smartphones in the year 2017, do let me know what are your favourite ones in the comment section and I hope this article would be helpful to you also follow our website for buying this smartphone follow the below links.

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