Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro Advantages and Disadvantages

Redmi Note 5 pro

The Redmi Note 5 pro is the latest Smartphone launched by Xiaomi along with redmi note 5 pros this year. It is very neat, stylish also gets all the requirements that any gadget lover wish.The Xiaomi is now ruling the Indian market with this strategy by providing the consumers great features in small price range and xiaomi has got a lot of hits last year but xiaomi missed one thing which is the camera was an issue with the previous devices except for mi A1 but looks like xiaomi has worked on camera and made a big comeback with amazing dual camera.The camera works really well it takes the decent shots and has better image processing.If you are unaware of the Specifications of the device then the quick specs are given below.

Redmi Note 5 Pro Quick Specs

Redmi note 5 pro is powered by Snapdragon 636 octa-core processor with 6GB RAM, it has 5.9-inch full HD display and it has 64GB of internal storage and expandable up to 256GB, It has a dual hybrid sim slot.The rear camera is of 12+5MP and the front camera is of 20MP Sony sensor.It has 4000mAh battery and a fingerprint scanner also face recognition is present.The sensors you get are gyroscope, accelerometer,proxmity sensor .It runs on Android 7.1.2 (Nougat) with MIUI 9.It comes with 2 RAM varients one is 6GB RAM and 4GB RAM where storage remains the same which is of 64GB.This Device is available four colours(Black, Gold, RoseGold, LakeBlue).So there are the advantages(pros) and disadvantages(cons) listed below and lastly it will price you around 13,999 Rs and 16,999Rs.


Redmi note 5 pro advantages and disadvantages


The camera compartment on this device is improved a lot compared to previous xiaomi devices, the previous smartphones had a big problem because of the camera but looks like xiaomi has taken it seriously and resolved it.Both front and back cameras are working very well.There is no shutter delay and shutter lag.it is working very smoothly even the colour accuracy is also good and yes there is also a portrait mode setup due to the dual camera.

Even the front facing camera has the portrait mode.There are some minor issues regarding the selfie portrait camera but xiaomi can fix this through software update.

The another important thing is that it has electronic image stabilization which will definitely benifit the camera functionality.

The fingerprint scanner is very fast and very responsive. It just unlocks you smartphone in 0.5 seconds

Coming to the performance. The performance on this redmi note 5 pro is very smooth, there are no lag issues as the Snapdragon 636 processor is very fast so the smartphone doesn’t hang much.

The cellular quality and signal reception are very nice on this smartphone. Even if there are jammers there is a possibility to get the signal sometimes with this redmi note 5 pro.

The design and the build quality of this smartphone very nice, with the sleek design the smartphone looks very attractive.

The gaming is nice you will get a smoother experience even on heavy games and there are no frame drops. You can play any games without any issues.

The Weight balance of the phone is very good as its not top heavy nor bottom heavy because of this reason it is easy to hold in a single hand.

One more advantage is it(redmi note 5 pro) has almost all the sensors like gyroscope, accelerometer etc.

The main advantage of this smartphone is the battery. The 4000mah battery gives you easily about 2 days after it is fully charged.


There is no type c provided on this smartphone nowadays almost all the smartphones have type c support so this somewhat a disappointment.

Fast charging facility is also not provided on this smartphone.

There is no 4k video quality support on this device the maximum you get on this device is 1080p. Even the 1080p video quality is also not very nice so that xiaomi has to look upon it.

There is no dedicated sd card slot provided to this smartphone as it has hybrid card slot.

Another disadvantage is this device still runs on Android N, you have to wait for Android Oreo update.

The Pricing is somewhat unfair here because both varient smartphones have same specs only RAM is different just for 2GB RAM difference it has got 3000 difference so that should be noticied

There is no IP water-resistant protection on this device so you should be careful with water.

The physical led notification colour is only white we don’t get any other colours

There is only one speaker set up and the sound is not louder.

Heating issues are there with this smartphone due to heavy usage, it does not heat up much but gets warm at the back after heavy usage so that should be noticed.




The Most important this to be noticed is this Smartphone is not available directly to purchase, You will be able to get it through Flash sales.


Finally, I could say if you are buying for 14 to 17k price range then this would be the best option because of all the features which are worth it for this price range.Let me tell you it has 2 varients 4GB ram varients is for 14000, and 6GB ram is for 17000, so you can choose any of them according to your convenience.if this article is helpful then do share with your friends and also check out our blog for more articles.

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